World's Funniest Baby Photos

Published on Jul 14, 2016
World's Funniest Baby Photos

These babies are sure to make you smile with their adorable mad faces and their super chubby cheeks captured in the silliest pics!

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25. This baby is draining the family of their life force one by one. And couldn’t be happier about it.

24. That family may be sleeping. But this baby is wide awake. He’s not missing a thing on this or any other day!

23. Getting started early. The real O.G. Baby. Joker, smoker, midday toker. Hey she’s just a baby, are we really expecting her to make it until midnight?

22. No smoke. No coal. GOAL! Now this is an adorably funny baby photo with a little less controversy. Go parents! Or more than likely go uncle Amir, the kooky one who’ll be buying you beer at 16.

21. Meet kissy fish baby. His mother is an angry bird and his father is a fish. Together they made this ball of love and chubby cheeks. Babies am I right?

20. This baby is all of us. Too bad she’s at least a few years away from being able to appreciate these num-nums. Sorry kid, mama don’t share. And by the looks of this kid. Mama better keep an eye on the liquor cabinet.

19. Nobody likes broccoli. Not even broccoli likes broccoli. Grumpy broccoli hates himself. This folks is what we call the beginning of issues with self love. One day this baby will realize that he needs to start with the broccoli in the mirror to make the changes he needs to in order to achieve happiness. One day. For this day you can just keep on sucking that thumb little dude.

18. Note to self. Blueberries are not for babies. Or they will look like murderous demons.

17. There is definitely something happening that is not supposed to be happening here. I think we have a case of dumpy butt here we’re going to need a mommy STAT. Repeat, dumpy butt- MOMMY!

16. Funny thing about people. Our eyes never grow. We’re born with adult sized eyes that we eventually grow into. That cannot happen a second too soon for this guy.

15. Bloop. Not having picture day. Did she ask you to put a butterfly in her hair? No. She wanted a racecar. But could she have a racecar? No. Because racecars are for boys. Don’t you worry little angel, one day you’ll be the equalizer that guarantees hot wheels and barbies for any girl or boy! Here’s to the future!

14. Awwwww. This would be so much cuter if we didn’t know what we know about Jared the Subway Creep. Google it if you must, but that’s what got that scumbag in trouble in the first place.

13. Not. Having. Any of this. Not the Star Wars background. Not the Mother Teresa coverage. Swing and a miss Mom and Dad. This kid is not a happy camper.

12. The grumpusing continues. Not enjoying this day. Nope. Not one bit. Better hang on to brother baby girl, he’ll always have your back.

11. Cute little baby body with the head of... Mr. Bean! Okay not a real baby. Moving on. Sorry internet.

10. Twelve minutes in about two inches of boiling water and you’ll have a perfectly cooked lobst- wait a minute! That’s not a succulent crustacean that’s a baby! Why so happy baby? Hm. Maybe Soylent Green really is people.

9. Stop trying to cook your babies! You won’t fool us again, we know this is baby and not a lobster. We won’t be fooled a third time! Never again lobster baby, never again.

8. Na-na-na-na-na-na-na-na-(batman theme)- AWWWWW! Bath time for Batman and his victorious chubby little checks and necks.

7. Nananana(batman theme) Wait a minute. TWO Batmans? People of the internet! Arise! All your babies have to do this magical thing. We are desperate for the cuteness. It’s not the meme we deserve. It’s the meme we need.

6. There’s a reason people buy those teeny tiny toilet seats people. It’s so that the toilet monster doesn’t eat your daughters and sons. Clearly these parents are fine feeding their child to the toilet monster. It’s not good. It’s not the worst. I mean. She is a girl baby.

5. So-o-o rock me baby like a wagon wheel, rock me baby any way you feel. Hey, baby. You rock. Don’t ever let anyone tell you to smile. You just do you and wear your heart on your sleeve.

4. These are eyes that just know where this is going. High school yearbook. Mom and dad, I’ll front the cash for an entire page just so that everyone knows that this kid is and has always been the real MVP. Other parents take note. We need to capitalize on these moments.

3. You wish you had this baby’s chill. Maxin’ and relaxin’ in what I assume to be a cereal bowl this little dude is living the dream.

2. Ahhh! Too cute for words! You know what you’re doing and we love it! Be you baby!

1.When you’re just not sure what does what. Trying to figure out how to get out of this baby cage. Motor functions not totally there yet. Let’s try the old mouth, that usually comes in handy, right?