Published on Sep 11, 2016

World Of Warcraft: Legion is the 6th expansion to the MMORPG World Of Warcraft which takes place on the new continent of the broken isles during a massive demonic invasion, In this video I'll be explaining the core features of WoW Legion as well as giving my thoughts in a review style format with and pros and cons list at the end to help you decide if World Of Warcraft Legion is worth playing, please bare in mind this review could become out of date rather quickly due to the ever-changing nature of MMORPG games so take it with a pinch of salt if you're watching in the future.

What do you think about WoW Legion? How does it stack up in comparison to previous expansions for you so far? what do you like and dislike about World Of Warcraft? let me know in the comments below.


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In this review I try to help people unsure as to whether or not World Of Warcraft Legion is worth playing make up their mind by giving an unbiased opinion and experiencing many of the core features of the expansion, In this video I cover Artefact weapons, Class Order Halls, The new broken isles continent, Gameplay, Dungeons, PVP, Questing, Suramar, Mythic Plus, Professions and future content along with my own personal thoughts about WoW Legion at the end in a pros and cons style format.

So should you buy World Of Warcraft Legion? let me know down below!

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World Of Warcraft: Legion Review "Is It Worth Playing?"