Extreme Idiots Of The Internet Compilation #17 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2018

Published on Jun 26, 2018
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Extreme Idiots Of The Internet Compilation #17 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge 2018

If you're working hard, stop! Enjoy these hilarious work fails instead. We've got forklift fails, construction fails, and an insane traffic stop! Let us know your biggest fail at work in the comments below, later!

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Wooden Frame Falls on Construction Worker https://goo.gl/4AqEoH
Man Falls off Warehouse Floor Sweeper https://goo.gl/sNDE9V
Truck Accidentally Breaks Gate https://goo.gl/Bwrs9L
Wooden Booth Falls Off Wall https://goo.gl/LkbD6Z
Guy Struggles to Take Down Tree https://goo.gl/UomWQE
Crazy Boat Terminal in Bangladesh https://goo.gl/sYUivn
Guy Accidentally Knocks down Lathe https://goo.gl/AFJJWN
Guy Falls Off Chair Attached to Forklift https://goo.gl/bLXdmz
Guy Breaks Shovel in Two https://goo.gl/H4gMHo
Man Chases Road Roller Stuck in Reverse https://goo.gl/rfFVsx
Man Falls Off Truck https://goo.gl/Xyq4r5
Guy Tries to Break Column Using Excavator https://goo.gl/aWbVdq
Guy on Phone Accidentally Slips at Work https://goo.gl/YwkZSn
Guy Doesn't Know How to Operate Forklift https://goo.gl/rtFdCa
Excavator Falls Off Cliff https://goo.gl/8X2zVR
Officer Forget to Park his Cruiser https://goo.gl/mqvQYv
Tree Branch Knocks Down Ladder https://goo.gl/5s3g5z
Guy Dances With Weed Wacker https://goo.gl/xYZcA4
Shed Collapses During Move Attempt https://goo.gl/KzAZRK
Guy Gets Shocked while Fixing Doorbell https://goo.gl/VbNEYk
Plumber Snake Breaks Through Toilet https://goo.gl/P7KmtH
A Tank of Corn Collapses and Catches Fire https://goo.gl/A263Rc
Guy Falls off Mini Skateboard in Store https://goo.gl/5Ke58c
Guys Attempt to Move Shed and Break it https://goo.gl/ssj51g
Garbage Collectors Can't Dispose of Melter Garbage https://goo.gl/pyBnXE
Police Offer Falls While Running https://goo.gl/b72B5h
Woman Falls While Painting Walls https://goo.gl/BH9NP9
Shelf Falls Off Wall https://goo.gl/FcjAvs
Guy Falls Off Chair in Office https://goo.gl/t9HqvA
Road Worker Shovel Helmet Hat Trick Fail https://goo.gl/LsPWQV
Dangers of Falling Asleep Wig Fail https://goo.gl/pJB6Zg
Spinning in Office Chair Fail https://goo.gl/t2kkT6
Guy Spins while Drilling https://goo.gl/AJ4TTT
Office Yoga Ball Match Sends Woman Flying https://goo.gl/cQcMph
Roof Collapses whil Construction Worker Stands on it https://goo.gl/r7rhqL
Silo Falls onto Parked Car https://goo.gl/D3jHb9

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