What Nobody Realized About Jane In Descendants 3

Sunday, August 18, 2019
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What Nobody Realized About Jane In Descendants 3

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“Descendants 3” changed everything for Jane. She went from fearing Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay, to loving and accepting them for who they truly are on the inside. That led Jane to start accepting herself too. Jane didn’t succumb to the evil spells of Audrey, A.K.A. the Queen of Mean. In the beginning, Jane followed Audrey around. She didn’t understand her own true powers. But by the end of “D3,” Jane saw that shining crown jewel that exists within her heart.

If “Descendants 4” were to happen, we think Jane would play a major role in the film. The way she stepped into her power in “Descendants 3” made fans see her in a whole new light. Carlos saw it right from the beginning. That’s why he asked her to the Cotillion. So what does the future hold for Jane? The answer might surprise you. Here’s what nobody realized about Jane in “Descendants 3.”

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