What Nobody Realizes About Dizzy In Descendants 3

Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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What Nobody Realizes About Dizzy In Descendants 3

Only True Fans Know These Details About Dizzy In Descendants 3
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We were so glad that Dizzy Tremaine was given a chance to go to Auradon! It wasn’t even a question that Evie would pick Dizzy as her choice for the newest VK. Dizzy never really fit in on the Isle of the Lost. We fell in love with Dizzy’s character in “Descendants 2.” And we loved seeing more of her in “Descendants 3.” But you probably missed some important details about Dizzy!

For instance, which Auradon person is she related to? And why didn’t she have a bigger role in “Descendants 3”? Which VK is she supposed to replace? We have all the theories and connections that people totally didn’t realize about Dizzy Tremaine in the new “Descendants” movie. Prepare to be completely shocked at these revelations! If you love “Descendants” and the Disney Channel, you’ll love TheThings! Hit that big, red subscribe button and never miss another video. Thanks for watching!
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