Published on Dec 15, 2016
Behind The Meme

What is running in the 90's? How is it connected to "Initial D", Eurobeat remixes, and "lol,internet"? The History and Origin of the popular Max Covri music meme explained!

Running in the 90's is a meme I was unaware of before you guys suggested a video on the topic. Thank You. It's a eurobeat song that was created in the late 90's by musician Max Coveri and became extra popular when it was featured in the popular manga series "Initial D". At that point it slowly made it's transition to the internet where it was used on a fad known as "lol,internet", eventually becoming one of the many tracks of the genre used in videos known as "Eurobeat remixes" which parody initial d with their intense and often funny drift and race sequences. Through it's long and storied history it has become a staple of the meme world being used in videos that vary in a variety of ways. Becoming an iconic soundtrack that gets your blood pumping! Let's go race some Japanese imports guys, last one across the finish line buys dinner.

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Running in the 90's- Max Coveri