Mickey's Halloween Party + HUGE Candy Haul!

Published on Oct 12, 2017
Family Fun Pack

Mickey's Halloween Party + HUGE Candy Haul!

We celebrated my birthday with the best party ever--Mickey's Halloween Party at Disneyland! Our family theme this year was The Little Mermaid. Alyssa was Ariel, Matt was Eric, Chris was Sebastian, Michael was Flounder, my Dad was King Triton, David was the shark that chases Ariel and Flounder, Zac was a seahorse, my mom, sisters and myself were Ariel's sisters, and Owen was a purple octopus....possibly a relation to Ursula :) We had a lot of fun picking out costumes! Thanks for watching & don't forget to give us a THUMBS UP! | Subscribe: http://bit.ly/FFPSubscribe
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