Ultimate Pranks in the Hood (GONE WILD) Compilation 2016

Published on Apr 29, 2018
Download Ultimate Pranks in the Hood (GONE WILD) Compilation 2016
Ultimate Pranks in the Hood (GONE WILD) Compilation 2016

Waking up pranks on sleeping people just to scare them, confuse them or simply both. #wakeup !
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Top 25 Sleeping Pranks:
#25 Water bucket wake up prank
#24 Vacuum prank on girlfriend (Chris and Krystal)
#23 Don't fall asleep around marines with Ammonia capsules
#22 Blender wake up alarm
#21 Wake up with banana in your face prank
#20 Pan wakeup prank
#19 Hot sauce prank
#18 Military wake up with a little bird prank
#17 Scaring awake by fireworks prank
#16 Waking up angry dad with flour prank
#15 Waking up with Robbie Rotten mask prank
#14 Water en rat prank (PrankAndSpank)
#13 Slap and fart prank (CKY)
#12 Highway Scare Prank on Wife
#11 Slap wake-up prank
#10 Bricks domino sleep prank
#9 Sleeping firefighter prank
#8 Airhorn table wake up prank
#7 Sleeping friend car wakeup prank in the night
#6 Sleeping phone prank
#5 Sleeping guitar player prank
#4 Confused wake-up prank with banana
#3 Hello banana prank on sleepy mom
#2 Don't sleep at the office prank (STAGED - 24/7 customer)
#1 Shaving cream prank

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