This Is What Descendants 4 Would Look Like

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
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This Is What Descendants 4 Would Look Like

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After a long wait, “Descendants 3” finally aired on August 2nd, 2019. And it was every bit as epic as we wanted it to be. We got to meet Mal’s dad. We saw all our favorite love stories grow, and there were even some hints at new love stories! And now the barrier to the Isle is gone forever! Unfortunately, this is the last of the “Descendants” movies. But we can dream, right?

We would love to see more of the new VKs' storylines. What do Dizzy and Celia achieve in Auradon? We also want to know what happens with Harry Hook and Audrey. How does Auradon handle all of the villains having magic again? In this video, we theorize what a fourth “Descendants” movie would look like. Find out what would happen to all of the VKs and the rest of the characters! For more awesome content, subscribe to TheThings!

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