The Weirdest Age of Empires II FFA Sudden Death

Monday, October 9, 2017
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The Weirdest Age of Empires II FFA Sudden Death

A crazy Age of Empires II FFA multiplayer game on Sudden Death on El Dorado. In this Aoe2 online match, Resonance22 gives commentary on a FFA free-for-all viewer game where if you lose your Town Center, you lose the game. You cannot build more Town Centers in Sudden Death. All the gold and stone is in the middle and players start in the Castle Age on High Resources.

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Civilizations: Indians, Persians, Mayans, Byzantines, Chinese, Berbers
Map: El Dorado
Strategy: Indian Camel Rush, Chinese Tower Rush, Monk Rush
Game Type: FFA, Sudden Death, Online Multiplayer Game

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Date Recorded: October 7, 2017

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All of the music used in this video is from the official soundtrack to Age of Empires II: HD Edition, and comes packaged with the game.
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That's a lotta damage!