The Real Reason Maleficent Wasn't In Descendants 3

Thursday, August 22, 2019
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The Real Reason Maleficent Wasn't In Descendants 3

Here's Why Maleficent Was Stuck As A Lizard When Every Other Villain Got To Be Free In Descendants 3
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Growing up on the Isle of the Lost wasn't easy. Scratch that - it was pretty darn terrible! The VKs had to pick flies out of their cakes, sleep on the floor, and get emotionally tortured by their villain parents. But being imprisoned on the Isle after decades of freedom wasn't exactly easy either. Villains boiled with rage for decades before ever getting the chance to slip past the barrier. All Maleficent wanted was to bring down the barrier and get her revenge on Auradon. So when her daughter was chosen to attend Auradon Prep, Maleficent started making plans. But instead of getting the revenge she thought she deserved, Maleficent was turned into a puny lizard by her very own flesh and blood.

Everyone knows that Maleficent is one of the most powerful Disney villains of all time. So why is she still stuck in her lizard form? Tune into TheThings as we reveal the real reason Maleficent wasn't in "Descendants 3."

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