The Real Reason Mal And Uma Were Able To Defeat Audrey In Descendants 3

Friday, August 9, 2019
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The Real Reason Mal And Uma Were Able To Defeat Audrey In Descendants 3

The Truth About How Mal And Uma Combined Powers To Save Audrey From The Darkness
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Welcome back to TheThings "Descendants" fans! The third and final installment to the "Descendants" franchise hit the small screen on August 2, 2019. Fans could barely contain their excitement and millions of people tuned in for the show. We definitely weren't the only ones who were surprised by how quickly Uma and Mal became friends. But then again, we're not complaining! When Uma and Mal decided to work together, incredible things began to happen. They were able to overpower some of Audrey's best spells and Uma's seashell necklace even started glowing!

Mal and Uma clearly have a wicked bond which allows them to become stronger when they're together. However, the movie didn't exactly explain why Uma and Mal were about to revive Hades' Ember and beat Audrey simultaneously. We've got a few questions and we're ready to dig for some answers. Tune into TheThings as we reveal the real reason Uma and Mal were able to beat Audrey.

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