The Real Reason Lonnie Was Missing In Descendants 3

Sunday, August 11, 2019
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The Real Reason Lonnie Was Missing In Descendants 3

The Truth About Where Lonnie Really Was In Descendants 3
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There are so many amazing characters in the "Descendants" franchise, making it hard to pick a favorite. From Mal to Uma to Carlos - it's just too hard to choose. Heck, we even think Audrey is all that and a bag of chips. One of our favorite Disney movies of all time is "Mulan." So naturally, Mulan and Li Shang's daughter, Lonnie, is one of our favorite AKs in Auradon. Lonnie is brave, spontaneous, intelligent, and everything you would expect from Mulan's daughter.

Lonnie helped the VKs rescue King Ben from Uma's clutches in “D2.” And in return, Jay helped Lonnie become the Captain of the Swords and Shields team at Auradon Prep. Jay and Lonnie seemed to have hit it off in "Descendants 2." But Lonnie was nowhere to be found in "D3." Come to think of it - she wasn't even mentioned! Tune into TheThings to find out the real reason Lonnie wasn't in "Descendants 3."

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