The Force (1994) Full Movie (Laserdisc Rip)

Published on Sep 15, 2015
Tom Kemp
Download The Force (1994) Full Movie (Laserdisc Rip)
The Force (1994) Full Movie (Laserdisc Rip)

The Force starring Jason Gedrick, Kim Delaney, and Gary Hudson. This was in a stack of laserdiscs I inherited and I couldn't find it anywhere on the internet outside of the trailer. I ripped it with a Hauppauge USB Live 2 and a Pioneer CLD-1080. Converted to x264 and decombed with Handbrake. At around 49:00 I had to flip the disc around, didn't care to bother editing it together, plus I thought it was neat to show people how Laserdisc works.