The Color Song: A Funny Song

Published on Nov 29, 2015
The Color Song: A Funny Song

The Color Song. This is an animated video of the popular funny song, The Color Song. Can YOU guess the right colors? A funny song by Bryant Oden (Songdrops). Animation by Mooms. His website:

Thanks for over a million views of this animated video of the funny song The Color Song, and also over a million views for the original word video of the song! More funny songs for kids, and teens at

Much thanks to MOOMS for the fun animation of this funny kids song. He asked if he could make an animated video of my song, and I said sure. I liked it, and asked him if I could post it on my channel, and he kindly said yes. Some of you mentioned the style is similar to Dumb Ways To Die, a song I hadn't heard of. He said he is expanding his animation skills and deliberately tried to make a video matching that style. I think it's a fun video, and I really appreciate him letting me post it on my channel. His website: More funny songs at

Here's the answers in case you got stuck...

This is The Color Song, come on and sing along. Even if you sing it wrong, sing it loud and sing it strong. At the end of every line say the color that could rhyme. There's a few you might not know. It gets harder as you go:

1. blue
2. green
3. red
4. orange
5. white
6. yellow
7. purple
8. orange
9. brown
10. black
11. gray
12. orange
13. pink
14. gold
15. silver
16. orange
17. tan
18. violet
19. teal
20 orange

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