AoE2 In-Game Score

Published on Aug 24, 2016
AoE2 In-Game Score

We'll take a look at the repairing rate with buildings, ships, siege, and some other repair-related things.

Repair rate experiments with town centers 0:58
Which bonuses and techs affect repair rate? 2:06
Repair rate with other buildings 2:30
Repair vs Build rates 3:11
Adding extra repairers 4:30
Cost of repairing (including TC stone bug) 5:58
Repair equation 7:40
Trebuchets attacking castles 7:58
Ships and siege 9:27
Fire animation and HP 10:05
Buildings ungarrison units from damage 10:17



Full intro song:

Background music from Epidemic Sound:

Game: Age of Empires 2 HD with Forgotten Empires and African Kingdom expansions