Incas Overview AoE2

Published on May 20, 2018
Incas Overview AoE2

Analysis of the bonuses, units, and techs of the Malay from AoE2 Rise of the Rajas expansion.

1:00 Team bonus: Docks +100% LOS
1:50 Advance to Ages +80% faster
5:15 Fish traps -33%
5:30 Fish traps provide unlimited food (comparison vs farms)
7:35 Malay creating fish traps for allies?
8:00 Battle Elephants 30% cheaper
9:30 Unique Unit: Karambit Warrior
12:00 Forced Levy: Militia-line costs no gold
13:00 Thalassocracy: Docks upgraded to harbors

14:45 Archers B+
15:20 Infantry A
16:00 Cavalry C
16:50 Siege B+
17:25 Navy A- (A early; B+ post-imp)
18:00 Monks A-
18:30 Defences B
18:55 Economy B+
19:30 Closing Thoughts



Full intro song:

Background music from Epidemic Sound:

Game: Age of Empires 2 HD with Forgotten Empires, African Kingdoms, and Rise the Rajas expansions