Japanese Life, 1920's - Film 6606

Published on Sep 18, 2014
Japanese Life, 1920's - Film 6606

Picturesque Japanese life.
Woman in bath with baby in Japan. Japanese children play "patter-cake". Baby tied on a woman's back. children pray at temple. Japanese street market. Toy seller with huge mobile display. A puppy with toy dog. A long tailed chicken. Street market, child entertains on raise stage. Children perform dance up side down with a model head on their bottoms. Street musicians with dragon dancer.

Girls in kimonos with umbrellas bow, possibly Geisha. Two girls enter paper house and kow tow or low bow to a man. They dance with musician in a house. Two men play majong (?) and play on a swing. Two young girls eat in ceremonial style, they may be Geisha in training. The mother smokes. Bedroom of traditional Japanese house. Girls go to bed, perfection in child discipline.