Published on May 18, 2016
Private Eurosleuth

The US Marines have always been an unruly bunch. After harassing the local female population, half-dozen of them come across sleeping black-clad soldiers who they immediately put out of commission. Little did they know that these were Major Carter's finest men, hand-picked for a special assignment behind enemy lines. Now it is up to our misfits and their rather displeased new commander to perform the operation themselves: snatch away one Dutch scientist to make sure his assistance in germ warfare remains unfulfilled. The interesting part is that he is being housed in a mansion owned by Colonel Kreutzman, Gestapo's most youth-loving bloodhound. The frightening part is that Sara, the unwilling cooperator's daughter, is along for the ride as well. Thankfully, to ensure terror does not fill our brave boys' hearts, she will be disguised as an SS soldier...