Published on Mar 26, 2015

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Here's a movie I recently watched that kind of shocked me. I wasn't ready for the emotions and sympathy (even empathy, in some places) it stirred. It is a movie that stayed with me. I read it was a play, originally, made into a movie by King Vidor.
I hope you give this one a viewing and tell me what you think.
It is a day/night in the lives of many different residents living in what I believe were called tenements. This street is truly a "melting-pot" of sooo many different people. Their lives are all intertwined to some degree. What they experience, the consequences of their choices-- bad and good-- is (are) what this movie shows us, circa 1931. This was during the Depression of the late 20s and 30s. Also during Prohibition.
(IMDb) "Twenty-four hours elapse on the stoop of a Hell's Kitchen tenement as a microcosm of the American melting pot interacts with each other during a summer heatwave."
Vidor shot the entire film on a single set depicting half a city block of house fronts.
The movie stars Estelle Taylor, David Landau, Sylvia Sidney, William Collier, Jr., and Beulah Bondi (her screen debut).