Descendants 4 Fan Theories That Make Total Sense

Friday, August 16, 2019
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Descendants 4 Fan Theories That Make Total Sense

If Disney Channel Makes Descendants 4 These Fan Theories Need To Come True
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We're officially obsessed with “Descendants 3.” It was so epic, and we already want more! And we aren’t the only ones. “Descendants” fans are already wishing for a fourth movie. They've come up with so many amazing theories. There are so many possibilities for a fourth “Descendants” film. We think the Disney Channel should listen to the fans and answer all our questions!

Which characters would make it into "Descendants 4?" Would we get to see Mal and Ben’s wedding? What about all the new VKs? Although "Descendants 3" gave everyone in Auradon the happily ever after they deserved, we're not exactly ready to say goodbye to the VKs forever. We're about to take a look at all the possibilities. Tune into TheThings to find out what "Descendants 4" would be about. You never know, Kenny Ortega might not be done with the "Descendants" franchise forever. Thanks for watching.

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