Descendants 3 Deleted Scenes That Change Everything

Wednesday, August 14, 2019
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Descendants 3 Deleted Scenes That Change Everything

Check Out These Never Before Seen Descendants 3 Deleted Scenes!
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Every "Descendants" movie has a groundbreaking plot, but most of them revolve around the drastic separation between the AKs and the VKs. This Disney Channel franchise has shown us how crucial it is to have an open mind and heart. King Ben's parents believed the barrier to be the only way to keep Auradon safe. They never once thought that putting up a wall between two worlds could cause more harm than good. Luckily, their son felt connected to the VKs from afar, which turned him into the king Auradon truly deserved.

"Descendants 3" had to bring closure on all fronts. Only then would fans be okay with closing Mal's storybook once and for all. Still, dozens of scenes were filmed and instantly cut from the movie. Luckily, some of these deleted scenes are readily available to fans! And we've got a bunch of them lined up for you! We wish some of these deleted scenes had made the final cut. Tell us if you agree in the comments!

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