9 Vanilla WoW Rare & Expensive Items You Forgot but They'll Return in Classic WoW

Saturday, May 18, 2019
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9 Vanilla WoW Rare & Expensive Items You Forgot but They'll Return in Classic WoW

Rare and expensive items to obtain in classic WoW. Here are some vanilla jewels that can make you a small fortune. Classic wow will be one of the best MMO's of 2019. Knowledge can help you.

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0:05 Intro
0:53 Sponsored Bit (Star trek online:Rise of discovery)
1:57 Tempestria's Frozen Necklace
4:00 Staff of Jordan
6:08 Warden Staff
7:12 Stockade Spaulders
8:22 Cassandra's Grace
9:25 Underworld Band
10:20 AQ20 Spell Books
11:20 Rare Tailoring Pattern
12:27 Blazing Emblem
13:16 Outro

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https://www.twitch.tv/frostadamus Hello Everyone, Frost here. Welcome back to a new classic wow video. This is a continuation from the rare and expensive vanilla items that we made back in September and January. The series received very good feedback, getting 4 to 5 times the views compared to the numbers of subscribers on this channel, this led me to believe that you guys really enjoy this type of content. Like we said, vanilla is abundant in rare treasures and today we're going to discuss 9 more of them, explaining how to obtain and why they worth so much. This should serve as piece of information, a little bit of knowledge to carry with you in the upcoming classic release, because it would be a shame to find yourself in a position owning one of these items and not knowing the true value of it. Knowledge is power and power is to be wielded wisely.

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