10 Dark Stories Behind Children's Toys

Published on Mar 1, 2018
Download 10 Dark Stories Behind Children's Toys
10 Dark Stories Behind Children's Toys

Riddles, logical tasks, brainteasers and puzzles to check your logical skills. Some of them will take a few seconds and others require more time and effort. Only a lucky few can solve a problem just based on reasonable deduction. Are you among them?

Fake coins 0:28
A challenge for a chef 1:17
The worker's salary 2:28
Chickens and eggs 4:25
The princess and the knights 5:34
Three Doors 7:04

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- You have a scale and 3 gold coins, one of which is fake. The fake coin weighs less than the other 2. How can you determine which coin is the counterfeit?
- In order to win a culinary competition, a chef needs to cook 6 steaks within 15 minutes using only one frying pan. However, he can only fit 4 steaks in the pan at one time. So how can he do it?
- A farmer hires a worker to build a well. He promises to pay him with gold every day. The worker says that it’ll take him 7 days and that he’ll start on Monday. The farmer has a bar of gold, and he’d originally planned to saw off 1/7th of it every day. However, by some strange intervention or an oddly specific saw, he can only make 2 cuts. What can he do in order to pay the worker his promised daily salary?
- An old lady has 3 chickens that can lay 3 eggs in 3 days. One day she decides she needs more eggs, so she buys 12 more chickens. How many eggs will the old lady have in 15 days?
- Once upon a time there lived a king who wanted to find a suitable husband for his daughter, so he arranged a knight tournament. The candidates had to endure a lot of challenges, and at the end there were only two men left. In order to decide who would marry his daughter, the king ordered the knights to ride their horses to the lake. The one who got there last would get the princess. The knights mounted their horses and rode to the lake very slowly since neither one of them wanted to be the first! Finally, after a week of riding at a snail’s pace, they gave up, got off their horses, shook each other’s hand, and decided to go home. But then the princess came up to them and whispered something in their ear. The knights immediately jumped on their horses and rushed to the lake. What exactly did the princess say?
- Behind the first door, there were thousands of venomous snakes that could kill him instantly. Behind the second door, there was an electric chair and an executioner who would also kill the boy immediately. Behind the third door, there was a lion that hadn’t eaten for days. Can you help the boy get out?

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