5 Dragons Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

Published on Oct 23, 2016
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5 Dragons Caught On Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

Dragons. They are large, mighty, and a common occurrence…in fantasy novels and RPGs. In ancient times, dragons were viewed as deities. They were considered the guardians of the Earth and of mankind. But somehow throughout the years, dragons evolved into two cultural subsets: either they are viewed as cute creatures that make great house pets, or they are seen as vicious, hobbit-killers. Regardless of how you view them, what if there was evidence that they existed? Today, we have five videos where dragons have been spotted in the wild. Let’s begin…

5) Cave Dragon

Earlier this year, a young man took a trip to Asia. And on this trip he decided he wanted to go spelunking, which is the recreational sport of cave exploration. While going through a cave, the young man saw something moving around in the shallow water at his feet.Using the camera built into his phone, the young man began recording. At his feet you can see a pale, almost white colored creature, darting around in the water. It’s tapered head can be seen shifting in the water, and looks very dragon-like in shape. As the creature starts to swim around again, you can see tiny limbs reaching out to grasp nearby rocks. As it swims, its long, skinny body undulates, reminiscent of the snake-like dragons seen in traditional Chinese culture.


4) The Monterrey Dragon

Not long ago, Mexico’s media exploded because of a sudden discovery in Monterrey. A most mysterious creature was found in the wilderness. When a group came upon the animal, they decided to capture it in an attempt to identity it. They had never seen anything quite like it before. The group immediately contacted a news station about it. The creature is seen being held and examined as the footage rolls. It was petite enough to be held, and it never seemed compelled to strike out at the handler. Instead it just opened it’s gaping wide mouth to shriek and communicate. Unsure of how to proceed, the dragon-like creature was carefully placed into a pet carrier until authorities could be notified.


3) The Dallas Dragon

This video hails from Dallas, Texas. Not much can be derived about who the camera operator is, or where about in Dallas the dragon was spotted. But a dragon it most certainly is. This is no baby, folks. The massive dragon was first seen resting on top of what appears to be a radio tower. Despite the camera operator’s spatial distance from the dragon, it’s easy to tell this dragon is massive as it is filmed flapping its wings. The dragon then takes off in a leisurely way, and flies out of frame. The camera operator zooms back out, and we can see that he or she was on a moderately busy street, although those driving might not have been able to see the dragon as well as the camera operator had from their viewpoint.


2) The Bat Dragon

This large dragon was also spotted somewhere in the United States, although it is not specified where. Based on the brief glimpses of the telephone wires, low roof tops and antenna seen in the surrounding environment, one might guess that it was a residential area where this dragon was seen. The dragon is seen flying at a relaxed pace across the screen. Unlike the other adult dragon video, this one appears to have very bony wings, angular wings almost like that of a bat…. but this is definitely not a bat.It appears that the dragon spots something of interest because after a few moments he transcends behind a house and out of sight. Wherever this dragon calls home, there is no doubt that it requires a large home and multiple meals a day to stay alive.


1) Peto’s Dragon

Our last dragon video is also of unknown origin, but was uploaded in May of this year. It was an extremely cloudy and foggy day when he was spotted by someone outside. Peto, the young man who uploaded the video seems to have stopped dead in his tracks and begin filming with his phone after seeing the gigantic beast. This dragon is less bat-like than the previous one, but is equally large and intimidating. The winged creature is first seen flying behind a tree. The dragon careens around and is seen again, gliding on stretched wings through the dark sky.


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