10 Biggest Vehicles Ever Made

Tuesday, January 21, 2020
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10 Biggest Vehicles Ever Made


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All over the world engineers are working to build machinery bigger and better than ever before. With the world population growing every year there are more and more demands put on construction and mining equipment, meanwhile, newer generations of enthusiasts are building passion-driven machines that get bigger and bigger all the time. Whether they are just for fun or in order to drive the world’s economy, today we are looking at 10 of the most monstrous vehicles ever made.

10. Largest Pickup Truck
Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, otherwise known as The Rainbow Sheikh is a member of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family in the United Arab Emirates, and he is also one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of over 150 billion dollars. And what has he done with his fortune? Cured world hunger? Cleaned the oceans? Well, almost...instead he has amassed one of the most awe-striking car collections in the world. Comprised of over 200 rare, exotic and often 1 of a kind vehicles, the value of this collection is almost impossible to but half a billion dollars is more than a reasonable estimate. Among the vehicles in his collection is the world’s biggest pickup truck, a highly modified 1950’s Dodge power wagon. The rainbow Sheikh likely would have built this vehicle even larger but he was limited by the size of tires that could be built for it., as it stands, the gargantuan vehicle weighs over 50 tons! But this is more than just a classy looking monster truck, in fact, it contains several luxury bedrooms, a living room, meeting room, fully functioning kitchen, and multiple bathrooms. On top of all that the tailgate lowers to create a walkout patio. So at this point you might assume that this thing is more house than truck, but believe it or not, that’s not the case, this massive machine has a driver’s seat and a 300 hp engine that moves it along at a modest 40mph - so ok it might not be fast, but it does move and it is certified for use on local roads.

9. Longest Limo
In the mid 90’s California custom car guru Jay Ohrberg set out to build the world’s longest limousine, and in order to make things official in 1999, the Guinness Book of World Records acknowledged it as the world’s longest car. But what’s a limousine without lots of luxury accommodations, and when it comes to outlandish extras this 100 foot long rolling spectacular doesn’t disappoint. Riding on top of 26 wheels and driven from 2 separate driver cabins, it boasts a jacuzzi, a diving board, a king-sized bed, and even a helicopter pad, additionally, when Jay and his guests aren’t sleeping, flying or swimming, they can relax in a common area decorated in candelabras and lace. While this rolling den of luxury was once enough to take your breath away, 15 years later it was discovered in disrepair. The limo was dubbed “The American Dream and leased to a company who used it for promotional events when their lease ended it sat abandoned in a new jersey warehouse. All was not lost however, in 2014the car was acquired by the New York Autoseum Automotive Teaching Museum where students will work on its restoration over a number of years, but given the sheer size of it, it may be some time before this extravagant machine is rolling again.

8. Panzer VIII Maus
The Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus known as the Panzer VIII Maus was a tank designed by Ferdinand Porsche, who you probably know best for his sportscars. Well, the Panzer wasn’t exactly a speed demon, it was 33 feet long, 12 feet wide, and weighs a shocking 207 tons. Only 1 of these giants was ever built and that’s all they needed, the Panzer was pretty good at defending itself, boasting over 8-inch thick armor and having several heavy guns mounted aboard. Moving around all that weight required the Panzer to have some serious power, this vault on wheels was propelled by a 1,200 horsepower V12 diesel engine capable of producing 6.4 horsepower per ton and reaching speeds of 20 kilometers an hour.

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